It’s been a busy one!

29th June, 2017 / News & Updates

It’s been super hectic here the last few weeks, we haven’t stopped. Although, we’re not complaining. We can’t believe that we are at the end of June already! Would you believe that we’ve had 10 Car Clubs stay so far with more to come. The next one being our own tour which is on 30th June. If you are interested in coming on a tour either with a club or joining on to one of our tours then please get in touch.
As I write this post, 20 recorder players have just departed to head home after a 3 night recorder course based here at the farm, which are organised by Steve and Ann Marshall (top dogs in their field). Steve and Ann make recorder playing fun and use a mixture of music, its nice to see the guests having so much fun playing. Any of you out there that were forced to play the recorder in school and thought playing it was as boring/dull? Then you would be surprised what the guests learn to play. Did you know that you can play jazz using a recorder? I could barely get to grips with playing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. Anyway, we hope they had a lovely stay with us and we look forward to welcoming them again soon!

If your looking for a break during the summer holidays please check our website for availability there have been a couple of cancellations recently and you may just be lucky and find the dates your looking for.

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Merlyn Cheesecake Recipe

1st May, 2017 / News & Updates

As many of you may know we like to call Lynn ‘the knock off Mary Berry’!

I nailed her down to get the recipe of one of her desserts.


  •  50g Unsalted butter
  •  1 Packet of  Biscuits such as Digestives (we use chocolate digestives). Crushed.
  •  600g Cream cheese such as Philadelphia (you can use a supermarket brand)
  •  1 slug of Merlyn Welsh Whiskey Liqueur (to taste)
  •  100g Icing sugar
  •  300ml Double cream
  •  100g Chocolate (dairy or plain, as you prefer). Chopped.


Melt the butter in the microwave for 1 minute. When melted, add the crushed biscuits (use a magimix or a plastic bag and rolling pin to crush the biscuits) and mix until the butter has been absorbed.

Press the biscuits (using the back of a metal spoon) into the bottom of a lined 23cm/9inch springform or flan tin. Leave to set in the fridge.

While the base is chilling, chop the chocolate.

In a bowl, whip the cream, cream cheese and icing sugar until it forms stiff peaks.

After adding the Merlyn you might notice the mixture will go a bit sloppy. Just whip it for a minute or two with the hand whisk to a stiff mixture. Fold in chopped chocolate.

Refrigerate and allow to set for at least two hours.

To serve, remove from the tin and decorate. Lynn likes to go all out on her desserts and decorates them fancy with piped cream and chocolate curls but you don’t have to. You can decorate however you like.

Here is a photo of some individual Merlyn cheesecakes that we have made!


Philippe Vandewalle – Old Knobblies

1st May, 2017 / News & Updates

We recently had a visit from a regular customer of ours called Philippe Vandewalle who organises Off Road trips using Vintage Bikes- from the late 1970’s & 80’s.

On this visit Philippe travelled some of the best green lanes that wales has to offer including:-

Strata Florida

Brechfa Forest

Hundred House

Accompanying him was the editor of Classic Dirt Bike Magazine – Tim Britton. In this quarter’s magazine there should be a write up of Philippe’s trip. We are also advertising in there too!!

Philippe has a website if you’re interested please check it out- So does Tim Britton-


17634489_1288463197900014_8466165138176029683_n 17634735_1288463307900003_2534975668778792292_n

Photos courtesy of Tim Britton.

If you are interested in staying with us and using the local green lanes then please do get in touch with us!


The Garden Room is now complete!

27th April, 2017 / News & Updates

The floor is now done in the new garden room!!

All that’s left to sort out now is tidying up the patio. We are really pleased with the end results.  A big thank you to all the guys from Towy Projects who have worked on the project with us. Also thanks goes to Gavin Blofield, Aled Lewis, Welsh Heritage Construction and Richard Evans Electrical Contractor.

18010814_1345273825562561_6107263171573144367_n 18033370_1345273655562578_8576006827379705031_n 18056813_1345273568895920_804521098957494159_n 18057157_1345273782229232_4208380685757402538_n

If you interested in coming to see the finished garden room then please do not hesitate to get in touch for availability.


New Extension

27th April, 2017 / News & Updates

March 2017- New Extension


As many of our guests already know we are currently using our new dining space although its not yet finished. We are waiting for the screed to dry before we can put the flooring down. Hopefully after Easter Bank Holiday it will be fully completed.

We are very happy with the building works so far and its hard to believe how quick the building went up. Our main ambition was to create more social space so we can develop Llanerchindda Farm further in the future.

Below are some pictures for several stages of the works:

The builders getting started by taking the existing conservatory down, removing the quarry tiles from the floor and putting up a scaffolding roof.


The scaffolding roof up ready for the concrete slab to be put down.


The concrete slab down.


As you can see the extension is now taking shape.

15894342_1244588965631048_6232719563831415997_n 15940898_1244588988964379_364717514882703983_n

The joist going up.


The first part of the roof is going on.

16265173_1255763017846976_8558740572028994058_n 16194970_1255763034513641_399610619783437606_n

The under flooring been laid and then screed poured over that.

16265341_1260456624044282_2027287928208470536_n16388429_1263552583734686_1886832571944496445_n16427486_1263552507068027_4780906459395161247_n  16298476_1263552527068025_5656279542327094272_n 16298535_1263552550401356_5791655755175793227_n16406550_1263552483734696_2550161504982902918_n


The final part of the roof being assembled.

16427701_1266111370145474_2044474492704327640_n 16508163_1266110316812246_3850231987848076194_n

Windows and sky lantern in! Also getting the outside ready for the Cedar cladding.

16807234_1277360305687247_1944603670237601491_n 16729274_1277360339020577_6124784966108382460_n 16729018_1277360319020579_7872161088804137545_n16807445_1283639108392700_3883779883645666323_n

The Cedar cladding being put on the outside of the building.

16865177_1283639055059372_7044696507352428774_n 16864500_1283639025059375_6697826892047290094_n

Nearly Done!

We are now able to use the room but still to come are the flooring and some final touches.

17190730_1297807816975829_216574113539310815_n 17103622_1297808063642471_5685767518097254690_n 17202948_1297808066975804_4705513356309419145_n1 17190384_1297808206975790_4237717412779601270_n1 17203240_1297808120309132_6975008334721572090_n1

What an amazing view!


Keep an eye out for our next posts as we will be posting pictures of the flooring and the completed project!

If you would like to see what we have done with the place for yourself please do not hesitate to contact us for availability!!








Plum & Date Chutney

22nd September, 2016 / News & Updates

If you have eaten your evening meal with us then you will know that all our cooking is homemade. Our Chutneys are also homemade. It probably isn’t news to you that chutneys originated in India and are known as chatni in Hindu. There are typically made of fruits and spices to help preserve their quality. They were brought to the UK during the colonial era. As us British do, we place our own spin on the typical Indian versions of what chutneys are supposed to be.

So have you ever wondered how we make our chutneys then wonder no further? The recipe is given below.


Plum & Date Chutney

2 lb Dark Plums

2 lb Dates Fresh or the ones chopped with sugar on

1lb Onions peeled and roughly chopped

2 oz Sea Salt

1 tsp Ground Ginger

1 Tblsp heaped Allspice

2 lb Soft Brown Sugar

Half pint malt vinegar



  • Stone the Plums and Dates (if using fresh dates) and peel the onions put these ingredients through a mincer or Magimix.
  • chutney-1
  • Put all the above into large Jam Pan or similar pan, mix well.
  • chutney
  • Simmer over a low heat until thick.
  • chutney-2
  • If you pull the spoon across the pan when it leaves a good rut it is ready.
  • Cool a little and Pot.


Please get in contact if you would like more recipes!!



North Leicester MG Club

15th June, 2016 / News & Updates

The weekend of 20th of May we saw the arrival of the North Leicester MG Car Club who have visited us three years running for our tour. On the Friday afternoon/ evening they enjoyed afternoon tea, Pimms reception and a welcome talk closely followed by the evening meal.

Day one saw the cars heading across the Epynt Ranges towards Brecon where they could have a coffee stop at the Cathedral. Following on from Brecon they visited Tal y Bont Reservoir. They then pass Merthyr Tydfil to Garnant Forestry Centre for a Lunch stop. After lunch they have the option to take a trip to Pendryn Distillery which makes a number of spirits onsite. We actually use their Whiskey Liqueur in our Merlyn cheesecake! Then they headed back to Llanerchindda Farm via Sennybridge.

Day Two saw them head to the National Botanic Gardens of Wales where they could tour the grounds which we personally think has a lot to offer.

We would like to give a big thank you to Ian Cox for making us laugh every night with his jokes, we really thought that we had our own stand-up comedian.

The North Leicester MG Car Club must have loved their stay so much that they have already booked for next year which will be their fourth year in a row.

If anyone would like anymore information about our Classic Car Tours or any of our packages please get in touch!

North Leicester MG Club at the National Botanic Garden of Wales North Leicester MG Club Group Photo North Leicester MG Club North Leicester MG Club Group Photo on the Patio

Preston & District Vintage Car Club

15th June, 2016 / News & Updates

On the 16th of May we had the Preston & District Vintage Car Club come and stay. What an exceptional group of cars!! We are always amazed at how well cared for they are. The oldest car we had on this tour was a Belsize and if you can believe it was manufactured in 1923 and is one of only a few cars remaining in the world from this manufacturer based in Manchester.

On this tour participants took part in a three day tour of scenic mid wales, the first day they visited the lovely seaside town of Aberaeron and then went on to explore Llanerchaeron House which is a National Trust property that has the most wonderful gardens. Well worth a visit!!

Day Two saw the club members to the National Botanic Gardens of Wales where the cars were put on display for all to see and enjoy while they took a look around. Don’t worry all cars were watched over by keen eye of the car warden aka Martin Hadley also goes by the name of pudding guard.

Day Three was a trip to Elan Valley which was well received and it never disappoints with its unbelievable views of Victorian Dams and surrounding woodland.

The award for the most eye catching car goes to Mr & Mrs Harrison in their Lilac Morgan, what an incredible vehicle and it has participated in several tours of America. Mr Harrison was even kind enough to take a member of staff out for a spin round the block. A short video of the lilac mog can be found on our Facebook page. Also if you are interested in the adventures of the Morgan please take a look at their website which is

PDVCC Visit to Llanerchaeron House Belsise at Llanerchaeron House PDVCC at the National Botanic Garden of Wales Singer Van The Belsise Lilac Morgan IMGP2291 Jaguar IMGP2340

Can-Am Spyders Visit Llanerchindda

14th May, 2016 / Car Clubs & Tours

Can-Am Spyders Group Photo Can-Am Spyders 1 Can-Am Spyders 2 Can-Am Spyders 3 Can-Am Spyders 4This weekend we had the Can-Am Spyders visiting us with there 3 wheel motorbikes, they were a group of 17 people on 10 bikes touring the fantastic scenery that we have in Mid Wales. on Saturday they visited the Llyn Brianne Reservoir with its fantastic scenery heading to Tregaron for a coffee stop and then Devils Bridge for lunch, from there they headed towards Rhayader for a drive through the Elan Valley with its fantastic Victorian Dams and great scenery before returning to Llanechindda for a Barbecue. The weather was on our side with lovely sunshine when they arrived on Friday and broken cloud on Saturday giving the perfect conditions for a motorbike tour. If you are interested in bringing your club to stay or want more details on our tours please get in touch via e-mail or give us a call.

Welcome to Llanerchindda Farm’s Brand New Website

9th May, 2016 / News & Updates

We are delighted to launch our brand new website. The website has been completely redesigned to enable mobile usage and provide a range of information about what we do here at Llanerchindda Farm.

We think it’s looking great and reflects the Llanerchindda Farm ethos much better than before.

You can check the availability at the guesthouse and book your room by telephone, email or online, whichever is easier for you.

Our blog page lets us keep you informed of the latest news, and will also feature any information we believe is relevant to you.

You’ll find it easy to see exactly where we are, and what’s going on here at Llanerchindda Farm at the moment. Of course – don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any enquiries. We are always happy to help.